C & D Recycling

Are you building or remodeling in Sacramento County or the surrounding area? Depending on the city or region where your work is taking place, you may be required to complete a Waste Management Plan in compliance with the California Green Building Code “CALGreen” Construction & Demolition Ordinance. Sierra Waste Recycling & Transfer Station (SWRTS) in Sacramento, CA offers recycling options to meet these new requirements.

Weight tickets issued by SWRTS for mixed C&D loads are noted by material type, in order to provide you with backup for reporting per C&D Ordinance requirement. This will help you receive optimum recycling credit even if your jobsite cannot accommodate at-source sorting of wood, metal and cardboard.


C&D materials are generated in the construction and demolition of residential and commercial buildings, roads, tenant improvements and remodels, landscaping, and site clearing activities. C&D waste makes up an increasingly-significant portion of the waste disposal stream in California: approximately 28% of the waste currently residing in landfills.

As per the EPA, recycling C&D conserves landfill space, reduces the environmental impact of producing new materials, creates jobs, and can reduce overall building project expenses by avoiding purchase/disposal costs. Recycling will create a more sustainable future for all of us. For more information, please visit CalRecycle website.


Mixed C&D materials are transferred from SWRTS to a facility that sorts the materials by type for further processing and recycling. Metals, wood, plastic, concrete, asphalt and other materials are processed into various products for alternative uses.

  • Metals are melted down and used to make new industrial products, including fencing, re-bar, benches and railings, among others.
  • Wood is shredded into small chips or ground into fines. The wood chips can be used as a rich base for compost, spread as landscape mulch, or processed into carbon-neutral biofuel for electricity-generating power plants.
  • Plastic materials are shredded, died and granulated by material for use in recycled plastic products, such as plastic benches, boxes, and planters.
  • Clean concrete and asphalt is crushed and any metal is removed with magnetic separators. The crushed concrete and asphalt is used in new base rock or asphalt applications.