Credit Application

Credit Appliction (pdf)

Terms & Conditions

  • Terms are Net 5 days from invoice date.
  • Sierra Waste Recycling & Transfer Station (SWRTS) reserves the right to charge a 1.5% or a minimum of $2.00 per month finance charge on outstanding balances.
  • The owners signature, and/or all partners or corporate officer are required along with their social security number(s), printed or typed name(s) and title(s) on the application.
  • SWRTS reserves the right to charge a reasonable attorney’s fee for the collection process should your account be placed in litigation.

General Information

  • When corresponding with SWRTS, always reference your account number.
  • When remitting payment, always reference the invoice number and invoice amounts. If this is not done, then the payment will be applied to the older invoices on your account including any applicable finance charges.
  • If you see a discrepancy on your invoice, please contact the office prior to remittance. Short paid invoices will be considered outstanding unless prior approval for any credits has been obtained.
  • Any accounts that are 30 days past due will be considered “CASH ONLY” status. Under this status, SWRTS will only transact business when accompanied by cash, credit card or company check.

Instructions for Completing Application

  • Include both your billing and physical location address.
  • To expedite the approval process, include phone and fax numbers, and contact names for all trade and bank references.
  • Call the office at (916)388-8320 if you need assistance in completing the application.
  • You will be notified by fax or e-mail when your application has been approved.