Welcome to SWRTS

Sierra Waste Recycling & Transfer Station, Inc. (SWRTS) serves the greater Sacramento area by accepting and processing commercial and public waste including:

  • Construction and demolition debris (C&D),
  • Inert debris,
  • Recycled materials,
  • Non-curbside collected green waste,
  • Wood waste,
  • Mixed-material waste

If you are a —

  • Franchise or private hauler
  • Construction company or general contractor
  • Landscaping or yard care provider
  • or just cleaning your own place

— bring your waste to us!

When you arrive at our facility, please proceed directly to the scale. After weighing, our load checkers will guide you to the proper dumping spot. Payment will be processed on the way back after re-checking your vehicle weight. Do not forget to take your weight ticket, and don’t hesitate to ask scale operators or load checkers for assistance.